Courtney Lynn studied fashion design at Chamberlayne College School of Design in Boston where her senior collection was rated among the top few. She has utilized her training to design theatrical costumes for ballet, plays, and ice skating competitions. Over the years, Courtney Lynn has worked in visual merchandising and design for department and specialty stores. Today, she applies her rich experiences to her jewelry design. She combines classic elements with a modern aesthetic, bringing natural elements together with the high tech. Her unique style translates to accessories which are customized for any woman who approaches life with a certain élan.

Inspired by classic jewelry designs from the past century, Courtney Lynn’s aesthetic is the delicate juxtaposition of disparate items–classics mixed with today’s more substantive styles. Reaching back to various period styles, Courtney Lynn reinterprets those styles and shocks them into the 21st century with cutting edge sensibility. Sedate pearls from an earlier age are combined with thick chains for a unique look that merges then and now. Hematite tear-drops–which bring caviar to the mind–are combined with pearls, producing the ultimate luxurious gift from the sea. Czech crystals are set with sterling silver to deliver equal parts of elegance and flash.

The signature style of Courtney Lynn Jewelry can be described as timeless, yet innovative. The collection is always evolving with new ideas and new pieces. With every new design, Courtney Lynn melds the finished pieces seamlessly into the entire collection, creating an ongoing source of original jewelry that is beautiful and versatile. Her pieces can be layered or worn sparingly. Like a very fine wine, Courtney Lynn Jewelry stands apart with distinctive pieces that will only continue to improve with age.


Taking inspiration from nature, Courtney Lynn gathers natural objects. Stones, feathers and leather are among the materials found on her work tables.

She combines these materials with stainless steel or tech components, such as computer resistors, creating a subtle, yet progressive look that remains close to the Earth. Courtney Lynn’s pieces are both versatile and intentional and can be worn by all women: the ladies who lunch or the downtown gals who have their own unique style. Courtney Lynn’s distinctive jewelry is designed to be flexible for individual styles and can be worn in countless ways.

Courtney Lynn draws her inspiration from museums, architecture, nature, textures, and fashion. In her studio, she translates her vision into drawings and then plays with many components–always looking for a surprising quality that will turn her designs into current and captivating wearable art for today’s woman. Her attention to each and every detail is synonymous with the craftsmanship found in all great jewelry from past generations. Every piece is hand made and truly one-of-a-kind, made by the artist herself. Custom jewelry designs can be made to order. Please see the custom section for more details.